1. Working for yourself with children means you can work more flexibly around children’s needs.
  2. It also offers financial freedom once you have grown your business.
  3. In order to have a business you need a idea
  4. We have a network of people willing to work together and ideas
  5. If you want to run your own business and would like us to teach you how we are here to help you every step of the of way.
  6. We are different to other places that train people we are independent, and we aim to help you how you need.
  7. Your not just a number or a target we get into the detail of what you need to do to get where you need to go.


Employment support

Maybe you want to finish studying maybe you want a career and not a job.

We can help you we want women’s skills to be recognised in the workplace.

We can help with filling gaps in your CV

Finding relevant skills-based work experience

And we have support from a job analyst who has ran their own recruitment service and put together a range of services to help people.

We have helped 1000’s of people via a community interest company and now we aim to help parents.


All parents are welcome men and women alike.


We offer a free service we only ask that you stay the full term to get the full benefit of the services provided.

We expect your commitment to the programs 

Our current enrolment date cut off is end of Sept 2018.


We work in partnership and have business and employment opportunities.

Including childcare opportunities.


How to register call


Email: info@ethanseducation.co.uk   

Tell us who you are who your children are their ages.

We tell you what program to join

Program 1 for parents with under 2

Program 2 is for parents with 2-4 year olds

Program 3 is for parents with 5-year olds plus.


Training welcome packs

Once you have registered with us we will start by looking at what you have done we need a copy of your cv

Having a 121 session to decide what you may want to do.


The next session is a overall plan

And then weekly helping you achieve your overall plan with a weekly plan and review.

Each program runs for approximately 13 weeks.

''We are a fantastic service and so needed. It's about time we started to accommodate what people need.''
''When do you open? How do I register? ''
''Thanks for your help and support, it is really helping my business grow.''
''I wasn't looking until you highlighted the problems I faced.''
''I thought it was just me!''

Our location around City Centre




B19 3QL

9.30-2.30pm daily Monday to Friday

With extra sessions on weekends for working parents and school aged children


Do you want the best for your children?

Would you be interested in a extra curricular program which would help shape the future particularly around access to the job market?

Founder Michele Wright with CIPD Chief Executive Peter Cheese 

Stock sale contact us for pictures to be emailed of items for sale from ex nursery toy hire etc