Do you run your own business or would you like to run your own business? Do you have children? We also accommodate remote workers and homeworkers.

Brand New Workplace Crèche sign up this month!

We are based in the City Centre 

x14 to Sutton Coldfield
67 to Castle Vale
66 to Erdington
65 to Short Heath.
Our nearest car park is the NCP Selfridge's
Opening time: 2-5 pm Monday to Thursday,
10 am -6 pm: Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Cost depends on whether you need childcare or not, and how often you come.
Please complete this short questionnaire on survey monkey
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Return to us or give us a call and we can complete your questionnaire for you.
Once we know what you need, come and have a look around on our open days. Then pay and join.
Services start November 2017


· Wi-Fi, office equipment, qualified DBS play workers, lunch and City Centre location.
Child Tax Credit accepted.

· If required help with setting up a business or growing an existing business.

·Flexible terms and memberships, for the changing routine of young children.
Pay a £50 deposit to secure your place. 

Peppa Pig is visiting our launch event 

1-4pm £5 per child, food and entertainment included. Get £25 off your next session by referring a friend to our service.  

Why did we choose Ethan's Education?

Please see video if you are a visual learner.

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 Having spent a long time mentoring graduates and helping them gain employment in a range of industries, I have an in-depth knowledge of how to prepare young people for employment or business.

Having attended lots of careers days in schools and colleges giving young people advice, parents started to ask if I could work with their children more closely.  I have agreed by setting up this brand new innovative service to support people.

'If someone wanted to go to the moon you could probably help them get there'.

Not quite but what they mean is I work across a range of industries and I know how to nurture the characteristics required to succeed.

Education should be used to help people contribute to the economy, by being economically active this is what we aim to do.  Link skill sets required for jobs to your children so they are prepared to achieve in the future, their full potential. 

The aim is to help other children to achieve success through a tailored, long term development program. 

The content of the program is disclosed to potential members, of course competition will look at this however 

As they say 'Well (long sigh) nobody can do what I do, how I do it and I also have a proven track record' so lets see how successful we can make this business.  

Teaching other parents the key to helping their children succeed is more important now than before.

Our site is to explain the services we offer and give you an opportunity to contact us to find out more and to join us on our journey.

Michele is interested in meeting and networking with parents with young children as this is a long term mentoring program and also teens  from 0-18 years old.

Thank you for browsing our website.

Gender Equality: the Factors that are Based on Flexible Working.

Why are we 23rd in the world for women's economic development
when we are the sixth richest nation? If women in their twenty's and men in their twenty's earn the same amount. Why when men and women hit their thirties, do women suddenly earn less than men? One of the reasons for this could be starting a young family and women taking time out of their career's, in order to develop family life.  However it has been noted that even if women choose to return back to the workforce, they are unable to re-enter. Barriers include, as we all know, high price childcare, inaccessible childcare, having to pay childcare in advance when you have not got the money yet. One of the ways to remove these barriers, for women returning back to the workforce after maternity leave, could be more flexible working arrangements or being able to choose your own working hours. Being able to choose your own working hours could be by running your own business. This means that although you would be working longer hours, you can work those hours around your children's routine and needs. Another way that women could be supported back into the workforce, would be to have affordable childcare and affordable business support. A way to remove another barrier for women returning to the workforce, could be by making sure that we have a Workplace Crèche. We have opened the first full-time 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday, brand new crèche in Birmingham. We are based in a City Centre location and we are also based in the North-West of Birmingham. We would welcome your support through this endeavour. Not only will you and your child booking into our workplace crèche benefit you, but we do support gender equality on a whole. Therefore the money that you spend in our business will be reinvested into creating greater equality for women, and people who have children in society. This is an ethical, fair business and a living wage employer. I have set this scheme up because I have a two year old. I was a single parent and I have felt that I have been unable to re-enter the workforce at the level in which I left.  You do not have to take a step down after you have a child. What you can do is change the way that you are working smarter, not harder because your time is more limited. 

''The future of work is human.''
Please contact us at
Call: 07984229889 and 0738016304
Our Facebook group is: Ethan's Education International. 

For more info telephone:



Do you want the best for your children?

Would you be interested in a extra curricular program which would help shape the future particularly around access to the job market?

Founder Michele Wright with CIPD Chief Executive Peter Cheese 

Stock sale contact us for pictures to be emailed of items for sale from ex nursery toy hire etc 

''What a fantastic service and so needed. It's about time we started to accommodate what people need.'' 
''When do you open? How do I register? '' 
''Thanks for your help and support, it is really helping my business grow.'' 
''I wasn't looking until you highlighted the problems I faced.'' 
''I thought it was just me!''

Our location in City Centre

We are based in the City Centre